A do it yourselfers dream!
Option #1 just the frame and electrical?Only $65 a foot!* (standard island)
I use 20g galvanized studs for our frame work on 12" centers and double stud
every 3 feet with reinforced corners for extra support.
Option #2 the frame, electrical and the hardy backer? 90 a lineal foot
*I use 1/4 inch hardy backer on the walls and 1/2 inch hardy backer on the
counter tops. No more mess and you save time and money.
You can save thousand by buying a custom built frame. Like a house the
foundation and the framework is not only the hardest part of the job but
the most important. Why not let me build your island frame for you. No
need for all those expensive tools and years of experience behind
building a frame that will outlast your children's children. I offer many
different options that can meet any budget.
Option # 3 If you aren't the do it yourself type i can build it all for you from start
to finish starting at 185 a lineal foot ask for more details.